Take Me To 11215, Please.

It has become my humble opinion that Brooklyn is the most beautiful of the New York City boroughs. Don’t get me wrong, a stroll around the West Village, along Park Avenue or through countless other neighborhoods will have you mentally prepping an Instagram filter, but Brooklyn really has it going on. Since its days as a Dutch settlement in the 1600s, it’s become the most populous NYC borough and I’m happy to be a recent transplant. The juxtaposition of old and new is apparent on almost every block you stroll down and that’s something I’ll always love about New York.


Moving to Brooklyn has landed me in Park Slope, a neighborhood I’ve had a little crush on since college when a friend’s boyfriend lived in nearby Cobble Hill. Every time we took the train from 68th Street to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, I knew I had to live in or around there at some point in my life. Many moons later, here I am. I’m happy to report that it was a seamless transition and already feels like home. My dad and I spent a few days prepping and painting my room to give it a fresh, clean start and it’s become quite the cozy spot. A Moroccan-inspired curtain and an already-full bookshelf were the only additions needed to make my room complete. Total side note – over the past few years I’ve come to realize that I really, really like to clean and I really, really like to hang things on walls – both of which I’ve been doing a lot of post-move. There’s just something about a blank wall in need of decoration…


^My across the street neighbor

Moving in April has to be the best month to move. For a few beautiful weeks, the trees are in bloom and the weather hints at warmth in the best way. While this spring did have a clinical case of multiple personality disorder, when it was warm, it was lovely. My apartment sits atop a restaurant and directly across from my window is a magnolia tree, which seemingly bloomed the night I moved in 😉


^My downstairs neighbor

It’s been a pretty hectic two months but in the short while I’ve lived here, I’ve eaten at a handful of noteworthy restaurants, hung out in Prospect Park, roamed around Red Hook’s Ikea, walked up 6th Avenue and down 5th or 7th (again and again), bought books at a local bookstore, had drinks at Union Hall and, just last night, went to a ridiculously entertaining 1920’s-themed New Orleans jazz/burlesque party in Crown Heights. One thing I’ll have to get used to is having a room that faces the street. (My room in my old apartment faced a courtyard and was so quiet, sleeping at my parent’s house on Long Island seemed louder.) While my window lets in great light and the street is generally pretty quiet, every now and then and car idling at the stop light seriously makes me want to scream, “It’s 3am – turn down your $%@&*(#)@^&!*$# radio!!” out the window. Welcome to Brooklyn, fuggedaboutit.


^Korean Bim Bop at Moim on 7th and Garfield (eat here!!)

IMG_1940^Shanghai Mermaid-hosted New Orleans night

I was a sucker for walking around the Upper East Side admiring buildings (and plotting my future as a brownstone owner) and I’ve found myself doing the same in Park Slope. While my daily commute takes me to 4th Avenue, which is pretty industrial and not much to look at, the avenues leading to the park are just breathtaking. While the “name streets” are known for being gorgeous, down here in South Slope there’s no shortage of impressive brownstones and swoon-worthy row houses.


^I’ve noticed a lot of rose bushes in my neighborhood


^Corner of 9th Street and 6th Avenue


^Quite a few trees grow in Brooklyn


^Children and adults playing in an open fire hydrant; iconic New York summer


^Prospect Park, a life saver come summertime


^Ok, so, this house isn’t even in Park Slope but I wanted to share it anyways: while I was looking for apartments, I discovered so many beautiful historic buildings, like this one in Fort Greene

Long story short, I think Brooklyn and I are going to become very good friends.


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