Borough Hopping Over MLK Weekend #latergram

In a perfect world, every weekend would be a 3-day weekend. I’m always amazed at how accomplished and/or rested I feel when the work week gifts me with an extra day to do as I please. Over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, my coworkers and I decided to treat Sunday as a Saturday and spend the night in Williamsburg. I took it a step further and started the day early with my friends Nicole and Roe at the Brooklyn Flea near Atlantic Avenue. Having had the pleasure of visiting the water-front flea and Smorgasburg this past summer, I was 2/3 of the way through them all and wanted to check out the winter selections.


I snagged this necklace at the perfect impulse-buy-price of $5.


I’m a sucker for the classic architecture found all over New York, and The Williamsburg Savings Tower is no exception. This gargantuan map of Brooklyn is quite the accent piece.



I would love to own a rug like this one day. Might as well start saving my pennies now to get a head start …


Roe and I split a Creme Brulee doughnut from Dough. We gobbled it right up but I think it would have been better fresh and warm from the oven. Overall, a minor complaint.

After our snack, we hopped on the G train and met my coworkers at Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg for some very good beer and even better conversation. Conversation including, but not limited to, what constitutes TMI when posting a Facebook update.


After a few rounds, we trekked through the neighborhood and ended up at Radegast Hall. What was once a huge factory of some sort (I presume), is now a beautiful brick-walled European bier hall and garden, serving German specialties. I kept it simple with Kolsch and a bratwurst. The bratwurst was tasty but the grill master must have had his lederhosen in a twist because he kept reprimanding us for “refusing” to stand in a straight line while ordering. As punishment (it seemed), he didn’t keep our food over the heat very long. I’d definitely go back, so long as this guy takes his happy pills.


Roe’s tasty pretzel with even tastier mustard.

Our night ended at The Levee; your standard dive complete with cheese puffs, $3 beer, second-hand board games and a pinball machine. We made friends, played Jenga and met our coworker’s dog Titan.


Overall, I’d say this was a fully utilized 3-day weekend. I spent most of the next day sleeping and cleaning before heading out to see Lincoln, happy as a clam.

Until next time, 3-day weekend!


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