Granny’s Lentil-ish Soup

home to table

The Dish:

Granny Pat inspired Lentil Soup – Our take on a Granny Pat classic adding some spinach and a little bacon for flavoring and color. We’d have stuck to the original recipe had we been able to find it – but there’s nothing wrong with a little kitchen improv when the time calls… at least thats how us amatuers see it!!

From Me to Chef Joe:

I will reach back out to you as soon as I have things ironed out. As for the Lentil soup, my grandmother didn’t put any meat in it – we ended up tweaking her recipe a bit, adding chicken stock to the water and tossing in some garlic, spinach and a little bit of crushed bacon for added flavor. Lentil soup is underrated…

From Chef Joe to Me:

That all sounds great but you should learn to make it the way Grandma Pat…

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