Cheese Grits… and Other Good Things.

Ever since I moved to Park Slope I’ve heard nothing but praise and adoration for Applewood‘s brunch. After 11 months spent eating my way around this delicious neighborhood, I decided to finally dine at the mecca. As my best friends Amanda and Keri were spending the day with me in Brooklyn, it seemed like the perfect decision. Rejoice! It was SO GOOD.

Cheese grits.

I don’t even know where to begin. I should just get a tattoo of a cheese wedge on my forehead, because it makes me week in the knees, and I’m pretty confident I would do illegal things to get to the good stuff. I ordered a winter vegetable omelete, which was satisfying on its own, but the pièce de résistance on my plate was the cheese grits. I’m no expert on southern cuisine, but these grits were creamy, cheesy, savory – just straight up tasty. If you’re a fan of cheese grits, it behooves you to eat them up at Applewood.

IMG_3557 My mouth is watering just looking at this picture.

IMG_3558 My gals!

IMG_3560The restaurant is housed in a turn of the century store front and has all the character a restaurant devoted to local and sustainably-grown food would have.


After feasting, we walked east towards the park, marveling at the architecture lining the streets along the way. We also popped into a gift shop on 7th Ave called Loom, where we each bought a Tokyo Milk candle. My apartment is now permeated with the dreamy aroma of Gin + Rosewater, two ingredients that also make a great cocktail.


Hope you also had a great Sunday!


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