The Campbell Family Goes to New Paltz

Every fall for the past few years, my family has taken a trip upstate to Rhinebeck and New Paltz to admire the foliage, poke around farmers’ markets and eat at an Italian restaurant called La Stazione. There’s something about the warm colors and crisp air of the Hudson Valley that is just perfect this time of year.


Rhinebeck is a quaint little town famous for The Beekman Arms, the country’s oldest operating inn (and the place where Chelsea Clinton got married), and an aerodrome. My parent’s have a great story from when they took my brother to an air show years ago. Apparently, my cute little brother went up to the ticket counter with my dad, where he proudly exclaimed, within ear shot of the admission lady, that he was “old enough to pay full price this year!” This, of course, elicited rounds of laughter from the cute old ticket ladies, as my dad forked over the adult fare. Kids say the darndest things, right?

campbell kids
The Campbell Kids


My Aunt Rosie and Uncle Ed join us every year and, like clockwork, we meet them in town for lunch at a cute coffee house called Bread Alone and then pop into a few stores for good measure. This year, the sight of an “Estate Sale” poster beckoned us into one of the Victorian homes we usually just ogle from the sidewalk. Unfortunately, this house included a creepy, wood-paneled chiropractor’s office with prehistoric X Ray machines that we could not wait to leave. It pretty much dashed our Victorian dreams.


Oh, hey family!


Our first stop over the river in New Paltz was the Wallkill View Farmers’ Market. Let me just tell you, they have a bakery section filled with killer, fresh-out-of-the-oven pumpkin spice doughuts. At 25 cents a pop, it’s easy to gobble up a few dollars worth in no time. Although, if you also buy a bag of apples and some veggies, it kind of takes the guilt away.


A visit to New Paltz isn’t complete without a stroll down Huguenot Street. It’s kind of spooky on an evening in the fall, but the walk back in time is worth it. The buildings date to the 1700’s when French refugees settled there.

Screen shot 2013-10-26 at 6.15.03 PM

A stone’s throw away from historic Huguenot Street is the heart of a hippy college town. Here you’ll find record stores, Himalayan textiles, the classic tie dye wares and, of course, food. We’ve had dinner at a few local stomping grounds, but La Stazione is our favorite by far. The owners converted an old rail road station into a cozy restaurants that serves classic Italian food that never disappoints. I wish I had some pictures to share from dinner, but I was too preoccupied with cleaning my plate 🙂

And that, my friends, is glimpse into my day upstate.


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