Sunday in the (High Line) Park with Amanda

Today was a really great day.

One of my best friends in all the land (Amanda) came into the city and we ate, walked around, ate, shopped and ate some more. Did I mention we ate? Out feet were screaming by the end of the day but it was well worth it. Oh, Amanda also gave me the most beautiful peacock-themed notebook and cameo ring for my birthday. She’s a keeper.

We started our expedition in Chelsea with a delicious lunch at Cafeteria. It’s a restaurant I used to pass by quite often when I worked on 17th Street, so it was cool to finally sit down and eat. I had a croissant breakfast sandwich with avocado (yum) and she had a ridiculously large 3-tiered chicken club (also yum). I have to add, everyone who works at this place is seriously nice. Exemplary customer service all around.

IMG_2565 I’m not usually a Bloody Mary person, but those olives sold me.ย IMG_2570

Amanda had never been to the High Line, so after lunch we went over and checked it out. I love the High Line, it’s really beautiful and a nice getaway from the city streets. Although, today it was really crowded so… we didn’t stay up there too long!
IMG_2568Is it just me, or does anyone else think The Standard is an ugly hotel? There, I said it.
IMG_2564ย Next up after The High Line was Chelsea Market. I couldn’t help myself and did some serious window shopping in Anthropologie. I put a few things in my mental shopping cart and will be returning soon, with August-birthday-month coupon in hand. Our day of walking around called for a serious refuel, hence our next stop at L’Arte del Gelato. I had an affogato, which was simply perfetto, and Amanda had mint chocolate chip. It was a win all around.

With our tummies full of gelato, we made our way back to 5th Avenue and set out for a little shopping. It was quite successful, as I now have a very cute yellow dress from Joe Fresh hanging in my closet. Our day then came to a close, as Amanda had to get back to Long Island. We browsed a few more stores and made our way up to Penn. It was great to have her in the city for the day.

Fun-filled Sunday, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Sunday in the (High Line) Park with Amanda

  1. Sounds like it was a real blast! You make everything sound tasty! And- DAMN- those are some fine lookin’ sandwiches!!

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