Radio City Music Hall

Radio City is a New York institution; famous for its art deco style and Christmas Spectacular. For me, the lavish venue evokes images of chic couples enjoying a movie and a stage show for 25¢ in the 40’s. I’ve heard many a-story about these “hey days” of entertainment, told to me by my grandma who graced the stage as a Rockette and a Roxyette, a few blocks away at the impressive Roxy Theatre (sadly demolished in the 60’s).

Lucky for us, we can still experience the Hall’s incredible acoustics. My sister and I saw Bon Iver last week and before the show started, we admired the detailed artwork found throughout the venue.

The women’s bathroom features feminine murals, whose beauty my camera failed to capture.

Art Deco montage.

This is my kind of carpet.

The wallpaper in the upper mezzanine depicts saxophone players, among other musicians, and those chic couples I mentioned earlier.


Grand 2.0

The stage.